Thursday, 31 December 2009

Pre-2010 Monologue

Four hours to midnight. Everyone's wishing each other on Facebook with such a thrill that I swear I could imagine them jumping up and down screaming their lungs out "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!". There's going to be an awesome display of fireworks at the harbour here and the whole population of Nice is going to be there. Except for me and hubby. With the much glorified idea of a new year plus the joy of being in an intoxicated crowd, they're not really for me. It's just another year and I think people are just trying to find an excuse to go out and celebrate big. Which is not wrong, of course. It's just not for me. I'd rather stay home, cuddle up to hubby and watch some films while enjoying homemade Nutella crepes...and cookies & milk!

I love Blogspot, did you notice? I have a very colourful and neat layout (now, don't burst my bubble!) and it's so easy to attach a photo. No wonder most blogs look more like a photo album. I'm starting to love it here but (okay, this might sound silly) I feel like I've betrayed my Friendster blog. Urgh, I really need to stop having feelings for non-living things. Ahaa, that could be my new year resolution (since people always ask about it at this time of year)! *twinkling eyes*

Which reminds me, I have exactly three weeks to have everything settled before moving to England. I'm going to miss France...the people, the local anecdotes, the old city and of course the mountains. But that's life eh. Besides, there will be new people, new local anecdotes, new old city and new mountains! I wonder if I'll be able to pick up their charming accent and sound like Harry Potter's Hermione Granger by end of those few months, hmm. We're going to Marseille for the visa application next week and taking the occassion to travel around the area as well. Abah keeps telling us how beautiful it was when he went there a few years ago. Perhaps something like this?

Okay, I think I'm getting too enthusiastic with the photos now.

Oh, an English friend stopped by two days ago for almost two hours talking about Lotus the adrenaline-pumping sports car (go Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, Sir Richard Branson is cuter in the stewardess uniform!). I've always thought anything to do with cars was a boring topic so I didn't understand how Ayah could watch the F1 race for hours with the same infatuation and how my lil bro could spend heaps of money for automobile magazines and thingamajig. Well it's actually a passion. A lifestyle. A statement. Those with Aston Martin are in a different league than those who drive BMW. Well I'm not totally converted though. I still love the simpler things in life but it wouldn't hurt to have one of those babes. I mean, don't you think we just look like we're made for each other???

Sorry, can't help it!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Welcome to Blogspot

Alright, you don't have to remind me how a week ago I wasn't interested in Blogspot. My baby (read: blog) is three years old this month so it just crossed my mind to 'dress' her up a little. She has grown up.

You can always go back to the little girl to reminisce how the three lovely years went. I know I will.