Saturday, 29 October 2011


To be honest, I'm not rushing to become a mother especially when I see a tired new mom (and the fact that I don't really like children doesn't help either). Well, actually all new moms are tired and look like they can use a vacation. It's a huge responsibility and once you have the little bundle of joy, your priorities inevitably shift. Hubs feels the same way too so we're always on the same page. Although I still think it's best for a new couple to spend time together before having a baby, today my maternal instinct kicked in when I held my best friend's newborn. Perhaps it was because he was so small in my arms and when our eyes met, I just felt protective over the little guy. And so even though I'm still not in a rush and I still feel it's a massive and exhausting responsibility, I don't mind having a baby bump as soon as next year. At the end of the day, that baby is worth every sweat and tear. 

Well, at least until the angry teen phase.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Three Days Away...

...from a new job in a new place with new colleagues! I'm taking up Cantonese to fit in with the rest of my Chinese workmates and I've done enough ironing to last me a week. I'll have to buy some snacks for the office, I eat constantly when I'm working. Otherwise, I'll become one of those gory guys from Walking Dead! That's it, I'm ready to roll.

Last week I made two sets of apple crumble with custard for the first time. Not bad at all if I may say so myself.

Nevertheless, I don't mind having the Granny Smith more sour. I'm thinking of French spinach quiche for the next endeavour, hmm... 

My October book is almost finished, just in time for a new month. I bought three more books that should last until January, two from Better World Books because they're unavailable in our local bookstores and I absolutely love it! Free shipping worldwide and they donate one book for every purchase you make. I haven't received the books yet (it takes 7-21 days) but if all goes well I definitely will get more books from them.

Hubs and I are playing badminton tomorrow morning with the family. I really hope my legs feel better by then. They still haven't recovered from the hiking trip we joined last Wednesday on Diwali. It was a great hike and the company was wonderful. Meetup groups are really fun, if only I had a lot of free time. You can join the food lovers or the French speakers, the possibilities are endless!

But well, life should be balanced. No use of going out every day with strangers and new friends when you don't even know what's going on in your family.

Until next time, have a happy, healthy & productive weekend!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

To-Do List II

So every task on my previous to-do list has been checked off.

- Finalise the menu for the Sunday luncheon for 12 people.
- Clean the house before Sunday.
I made mashed potato with fresh chives, traditional sage chicken stuffing and mango sauce for the waffles while hubs took on the pesto appetiser, roast chickens (yes, all two of them!), mushroom gravy to go with my mashed potato, salad & dressing and shiitake fried rice. Together we made a great team and the luncheon went really well! I guess too well that Rafiee fell asleep by 8.30pm and I followed suit half an hour later. Cooking is one thing, cooking for a lot of people is another story. My only regret is that I didn't take a lot of photos. Ah well.

- Get new work shirts, six minimum so I can rotate them without having to wear the same one on the same day every. single. week.
So I bought six new work shirts, this time in vibrant colours and patterns compared to what I used to wear when I first started in the industry. I do feel more colourful and adventurous these days. Pat on the back!

- Study maritime design. No use of colourful professional outfits if I'm in the dark at work. 
I'm doing it! It's an on-going process so little by little I'm getting myself familiarised with the new scene.

- Sew the loose button on my grey pants. Or ask hubs nicely to do it for me.
I may be biased but really, hubs is the best. Enough said.

- Continue working on the freaking book!
I'm doing it! Again, this one is also an on-going process but I have set my target and it should be done by end of the year. I hope to submit my book proposal to potential publishers somewhere in January 2012.

I'm adding four new tasks:
- Start volunteering work again.
- Try to bake / cook a new dish every weekend.
- Read one book a month.
- Plan for future vacations.

It's a great feeling to lead a balanced, healthy and full life. My work is going to take about 40-45 hours weekly and that's only 40% a week, after calculating in my 8-hour of sleep. That leaves plenty more time for myself, family & friends so I want to make full use of it. If I have learned anything from the past is that time flies fast so on my birthday every year I want to look back and be glad that my year has been worthy. That's a gift only I can give to myself, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

To-Do List

- Finalise the menu for the Sunday luncheon for 12 people. Whoa, I feel so grown up!
- Clean the house before Sunday.
- Get new work shirts, six minimum so I can rotate them without having to wear the same one on the same day every. single. week.
- Study maritime design. No use of colourful professional outfits if I'm in the dark at work.
- Sew the loose button on my grey pants. Or ask hubs nicely to do it for me.
- Continue working on the freaking book!

Ah that's not too bad. Thinking about what I should be doing drives me up the wall but now that I put it out there, it doesn't seem overwhelming anymore. I guess I can start anew tomorrow morning and enjoy the peaceful mind for now. Nighty night!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Settling In

My goodness, I've just realised I haven't updated my dear blog in two weeks! Life is still pretty hectic over here but I think I can safely say both hubs and I have finally settled in.

Rafiee has got a really good job offer as a highway & transportation engineer. It's exactly what he wants to do and he's not starting from the bottom as he originally thought, having been M.I.A. from the industry for two years, so things always happen for a reason and for the best. The only thing is the office is a bit far so he probably won't get home as early as we both like. He also got his new car yesterday, a total upgrade from his last ride so he's ecstatic. He deserves all good things coming his way for being a truly supportive and patient husband.

As for yours truly, I have recently accepted a new challenge. I'll be doing maritime design in a Dutch company which has little to do with what I studied the last couple of years. I'm also the only Malay, the only female engineer and the only one below 40. It's one of the reasons I took the offer. It's a huge responsibility and I have to be on my toes all the time. The location is way better, being only 15 mins from our apartment.

Speaking of which, we bought so many things to revamp the apartment and I have to admit it's looking pretty fancy. We're hosting a little luncheon for our families next weekend so that would be fun. I'll definitely take some photos but until then, here are some from my little pot-luck lunch with two of my childhood friends, sadly missing the other two but there will be a next time!