Saturday, 30 October 2010

Up and Around

Well here I am, fully recovered from a major homesickness. Time does heal. When my baby sister got home, she cried in the middle of the night for two days and only able to sleep after talking to me. She's alright now and so I'm alright too.

Apart from a school boy who showed me the finger because I refused to give my packet of Lays in a small artist village (what do they teach these children in school these days???), the one-week vacation was impeccable. The night view of both Prague and Budapest was breathtaking. We discovered that there were a lot of Malaysians in Czech Republic and apparently one Malaysian student even provided a silat course. Interesting. Mama prepared a delicious selection of Malaysian cuisine day and night so both Rafiee and I were spoilt. No wonder many are obese in our home country.

And so Rafiee and I decided to start eating healthier by substituting unhealthy ingredients (low-fat milk or yogurt to replace coconut milk, etc.), less carbs (salads for dinner, etc.) and basically more veggies and fruits. So far so good but it has only been a week so let's not get excited yet!

It has been hectic since last week. We're going off on an extravagant trip outside the continent very soon so I have to get a lot of things done before that. I'm still not sure if it's wise...the amount of money we're spending on this trip is equivalent to going to three non-neighbouring European cities.

Fact of the week:
Keep your fingers crossed- To cross one's fingers is a hand gesture used to superstitiously wish for good luck or to nullify a promise. Some believe that the gesture originates from pre-Christian times, due to the fact that in early European cultures, two people were required to use their index fingers to form the sign, one to make a wish and the other to support it.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Be Strong, Heart

I dread this leaving part. One week with my mama and baby sister feels like a distant dream. They've been asleep for hours but I just don't want to go to bed for I fear the morning will come too soon.

My heart can withstand a lot of things but not goodbye. Never goodbye. I miss home...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Four Days of Weekend

I have long weekends but they never seem enough! Let's see...on Friday, I studied GRE in the vintage library and next thing I knew, it was already late. Simply put, you don't know GRE until you actually have to take it. Saturday was the homework day but I had to go to bed early because I was leaving for Vienna at 7am with hubby and two good friends.

The thing is, Rafiee and I have developed an obsession for Sudoku. That's how we decide who's making dinner or who's doing dishes, etc. I know it's not exactly the most matured thing married couples do but we have fun and that's what really counts, isn't it? Some couples love shopping or partying, we love playing Sudoku and making silly bets. And outdoorsy types! I can't really put into words how good it feels to go hiking with your best friend and comparing scratches and bruises, or go backpacking and discussing about all the weirdos we meet along the way! It's just the best feeling in the world.

Photo by Gabrielle

Anyway, back to Sunday. We got up late because of the Sudoku game (we both think we're unbeatable) so when the Metro stopped at the station five minutes before the bus departure, we started running like in The Amazing Race and guess what we saw? Four other people were running too including one of our friends! So all of us were all laughing and sprinting and saying hi without stopping for a breath and we made it! What a way to start the day. Vienna was beautiful with a lot of white, grandiose structures. There were many horse carriages and Mozart wannabes so it was really romantic. All four of us had an early dinner at an Italian restaurant just because the Austrian cuisine that we found was a bit too bizarre.

Photo by Gabrielle

Monday wasn't a relaxed day for us as well. We were out and about the whole day after only five hours of sleep, running errands at the bank, Immigration, Malaysian Embassy, university, etc. That happens every time we move to a new place so it's kind of fun especially when you get to see immigrants of different sorts. 

Ooooh, I can't wait for my mama and sister to get here this Friday. I miss them! We'll be exploring Budapest including the countryside and Prague of Czech Republic and I particularly would love to get photos of both cities at night. They're simply breathtaking.

So honestly, I need longer weekends.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Patience is My New Best Friend

I've been really busy lately, both mentally and physically. There are a thousand more things on my mind that I sometimes have to jot down all the thoughts on paper just so I can stay focused during class and come back to whatever I need to think about later. One glaring emotional thought that I can't seem to shake off is my growing hatred (and hubby's too) for this couple back home who seem to be sooooo urgh....resentful? Envious? Selfish? Grossly obese by choice? I'm so close to saying this and more to their face but out of diplomacy, I can only hope they read this but they are probably too absorbed with their I'm-the-best crap. I'll be a good girl and patient but I'm going to draw a new line and if they cross it, I hope I'm still sane enough to deal with it as an intelligent adult instead of what I actually have in mind.

On a lighter note, I've just got my membership card from the fourth library in 12 months. Though the English collections are not as updated as I had hoped, they will be enough for my five-month stay here in Hungary. Oh but how I love the library, it's massive! The library is 106 years old in a majestic building with an elegant decor. There are eight floors (I haven't explored all, the ground floor already took me two hours) with museums, a cosy cafe and they even have an usher in a complete suit!