Monday, 19 March 2012

Room Service to Celebrate

Under normal circumstances, I'd have gone out to see what the locals have to offer but my morning sickness is still a friend of mine even in my second trimester so I decided to order room service instead. It's just a simple dish and juice that you can easily get from any food stalls outside at one-ninth of the price but preggy woman wants what preggy woman wants. I've been spending on average RM10 for lunch every day at work just because I can't stomach the greasy, deep-fried Malay food that I used to have before. Now it's quiche, lasagna, etc. which I didn't particularly enjoy until now. Strange things happen when you're carrying a child. 

I'm currently in a small town in Sarawak on a site visit. The road from the hotel to the site is a little bumpy so I have to lift my body most of the time because it may harm the womb. The boat trip tomorrow will be even worse and I was warned that I would get wet, but the small boat can only carry one person at a time in addition to the boatman himself so my colleague decided it's safer and practical for him to go instead while I wait on the jetty and take the measurements. The same colleague also made me declare before he booked our tickets that I would not hold him responsible should anything happen to me on this trip. The fact that our site is infested with crocodiles didn't make him any less worried but pregnant or not, I don't think the reptiles really care. Most people asked if Rafiee was alright with it but he was the one who encouraged me to go. That's my man, always with me 100%. It's like there's practically nothing that he thinks I can't do. 

Having said that, I had my doubts. This is my first pregnancy but I wouldn't know if I could handle a site visit at this stage unless I went for one so I'm glad I did and I'm grateful that everything went well today. My only regret is that I lifted my own hand luggage into the over-head compartment on the airplane because I was too proud to ask for help. What a stupid reason. Anyway, I guess that's why I don't mind ordering the over-priced dinner to be served in the comfort of my hotel room. It's like my little celebration. Maybe it's too early to celebrate considering that the hard work is not done yet, but today looked promising so I'm going tomorrow morning feeling positive.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Favourite Time of Day

9pm onwards is the time I look forward to every single day. It's the time I love most. Yes, it's also when I'm truly and extremely exhausted and bloated but at least I'm home. At least I'm fresh from the shower and I've performed my prayer and recitation. At least I've spent quality time exchanging stories, hugs and kisses with my husband. 9pm onwards is when I lie down on the fluffy bed, turn on my laptop for some quick reads or read my monthly book and the kittens will be playing around me or taking a catnap on the same bed. Bliss. Until the morning comes.