Saturday, 21 April 2012

Book is Coming... Sooner or Later

Here's the thing. I've finished editing my book and I approached a few publishers (not all, as most make it clear that they only publish Malay novels). I was given the same reply though - that an English novel by an unknown Malaysian author generally doesn't sell. One even told me that I can publish the book when I become famous. I guess if it was authored by Kim Kardashian then they wouldn't even read the manuscript before agreeing to invest in it. Money makes the world go round which is true to a certain degree so I can totally understand their standpoint. Of course I couldn't help feeling defeated in the beginning, but not for long. I got to meet a few aspiring and also published writers who told me how they struggled for the first few years. FEW YEARS! I've been trying to get my book published for just a couple of MONTHS! 

I will still get the book published. It may take some time (but still within this year Insya Allah), a few thousand RM (everything requires money these days), energy and time, but I will get it published. If there were only five strangers buying the book because they think it's worth getting then I would've already achieved my goal.


  1. I will certainly be among the first to grab a copy of your book Izni! Although it's not published yet, I can't tell you how proud I am of you babe!! :')


    p/s #1: I've been racking my brain trying to remember your blog's URL (am currently avoiding FB). Thank God I've finally found this page. Yeay to you and me!
    p/s #2: Congratulations on your pregnancy! A baby and a book on the way? Double joy! *pops confetti*

  2. thanks ada! your support means a lot to me. right now the manuscript is being proofread by a native English speaker, also a qualified proofreader. at the same time i'm working on the book cover, interior layout and i'll be launching the website next month which will feature a few sample chapters so you can see if it's worth buying the book (which i hope it is!).

  3. izni dimana saya masih dapatkan buku izni di malaysia?dah puas saya cari tetapi tak jumpa. macam mana nak beli?saya sungguh meminati karya izni ini setelah membaca review dari blog saudara khairul.

  4. hi cik anonymous! terima kasih for the comment. sekarang belum available kat kedai buku. boleh order terus kat :)