Sunday, 12 August 2012

Almost There

First it was the morning sickness. Then publishing The Longest Honeymoon and preparing for our baby's arrival. Now I'm putting the blame on the exhausting third trimester for not updating the blog. 

Yes, it's the final month! I can't believe I'll be meeting my little one very soon, insyaAllah. The first four months was the worst. I lost my appetite (I force fed myself a lot just to avoid being starved), everything I ate ended up in the toilet bowl or sometimes on the bathroom floor when I couldn't reach the proper outlet in time and I felt tired like I had been running a marathon the whole day. The next three months was much better. I still couldn't eat much but I didn't throw up as often as before and I had some energy in me which propelled me to shop for myself and the baby. Ah yes, I could fit most of my usual clothes until towards the end of the second trimester so I didn't have to buy any maternity clothes until then (except for the work pants). Even now after 37 weeks, I weight only 49kg which is only 4kg heavier than before I got pregnant. Our baby is growing at a healthy rate though at 2.4kg which is all that matters to us and the doctor (not too big please!).

My baby bump is obviously small, but I still get back pain and sleeping trouble. I can't imagine those women with a bump that looks like it can fit three babies! I get leg cramps now and then but I still drive to work. Mama was still driving a few hours before she gave birth to my youngest sister so it's hard to spoil myself. Rafiee also hasn't indulged me silly which is a good thing actually. I don't want him to be like some husbands who become extra nice and help around the house just because the wife is pregnant and then resume to the original self later. Since we got married almost four years ago, he has been consistently the best husband one could ask for and I'm forever grateful to the almighty for that. The only thing that I miss now is he no longer carries me on his shoulder and we don't wrestle anymore (for obvious reasons but I now-not-so-secretly hope he remembers our little routine once the baby is out!). For years he let me believe that I was physically stronger than him until one day I insisted that he and Mama compete in arm wrestling. He defeated her in a second and Mama has always been much, much, much stronger than me! I was baffled as it usually took him one whole minute to beat me. He grinned and told me that he enjoyed watching me brag like a little girl. Pfft! 

Well, it won't be long now. We're starting a new chapter together with an additional significant character. Changes are inevitable but we'll take one step at a time, together. One thing for sure - the baby will be born into a happy and loving home.


  1. hallo mama wannabe! mama ke mummy ke ibu ke umi? err..
    hehe tak sabar nak tgk baby Y!!
    please update us asap bila dah nak gi hospial k!Good luck izni and ee!

    adorable ayu hehe

  2. erk, siapakah adorable ayu ni???? ayu je kenal la ;p heheh hellooooo adorable auntie ayuuuuu!!! mama izni & papa ee di sini! baby Y tinggal lagi 2.5 weeks before due so harap2 sempat raya kejap. nervous tapi excited!

  3. eeeeeii seronoknya!!! mama izni papa ee bunyi mcm mama n papa smurf hehhee

    auntie ayu is kenot wait! tak sabar nak tgk baby..kitorang pun nervous + excited jugak lah!

    tak sangka izni nak ada baby sendiri..borak dgn mus pun gelak2 bila fikir...rasanya akid pun akan dapat adik time bertambah2 baby baru yeay!

    still the same adorable auntie ayu hikhik